When I pursue a Fine Art Photographic theme, I strive to bring to my viewing audience more than what is before the lens. I search for the feeling and then pursue a workflow to transmit that emotion to the audience. In many ways my goal is to use colors to shape the rhythm of a nature sonnet in much the same way poets use words or as composer might employ notes to shape music. It is instinctive, a gut feeling, something that I hear and see at the same time. That is how I express myself.

I have been actively involved in the art world for more than twenty-five years as an artist, a commercial artist, and web designer. Five years ago, the tug to learn photography and produce fine art images that allow my voice to be heard has become my passion. I dove into photography courses, fine art workshops, most recently, the Fine Art Photography Workshop series presented by Robert Killen who introduced me to the magic light of Mojave National Preserve.

© Terry L Ellis