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Fine Art Photography by Terry Ellis -- terryellisphotography.com

All critiques and comments are welcome!

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Question   Beautiful photos
I was looking for an old friend of mine called Terry Ellis and came across your site. Very beautiful and inspirational photos. A real joy to look through your selections. Keep up the good work Terri.

- David Walker 9/11/2010 1:19:12 PM

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Question   Beautiful photography!
You've taken a lot of beautiful photos Terry. I really enjoyed your website. Are some of your photos HDR?


- Christine Pentecost 2/7/2009 7:30:50 AM

  Answer Aren't you nice to comment, Christine! Thank you. I haven't really tried multiple exposures to create an HDR image yet, but I'm thinking about it now thanks to you.

Warm regards,

Terry Ellis

- Terry E.  2/8/2009 9:13:41 PM

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Question   Locations
I just love all of your photography! I am especially taken by your travel/location shots. Some of them I've been to and your photographs make me want to go back. My husband has never seen NOLA, but I suspect when he sees your shot of the Cathedral & Jackson, he may want to go as badly as I do. I can't wait to see more of your latest shots!!

- Deborah Waddell 10/25/2007 7:13:59 AM

  Answer Thank you very much for your kind comments regarding my photography, Deborah. I loved shooting NOLA and cannot wait to go back there. Hope you get the chance to shoot there, too. Please let me know where I can view your work.

- Terry E.  11/1/2007 2:11:47 PM

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Question   praise
Terry, thanks for your compliment on my site; so I visited yours! EXQUISITE work, you are extremely talented, (I worked in graphic design also for years)- I'll see you on BP~

- Joan Kocak 6/15/2007 10:22:31 AM

  Answer Thank you, Joan. You are way too kind! I'm still trying to find my style. Yours is elegantly apparent. Nice to see a fellow graphic artist here, too!

- Terry E.  6/16/2007 11:53:27 AM

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Question   Thanks Terry
Thanks so much for posting your images. They are a true inspiration to me....

- Jack S. Aldridge 3/3/2007 7:33:13 PM

  Answer Thank you very much, Jack,

I really appreciate that you took the time to look at my images and then to comment on them so favorably. You are very kind.

- Terry E.  3/5/2007 6:34:44 AM

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Question   Praise
Congrats on your beautiful gallery and awsome images.

Best Wishes

Peter Mantione

- Peter Mantione 9/9/2006 8:49:30 PM

  Answer Thank you so much for your lovely and gracious comment, Peter! I have been a fan of your amazing and inspiring photography and PhotoShop skills since I started here at BP about two years ago. You really have made my day by being so kind and thoughtful, Peter! Thank you.

- Terry E.  9/15/2006 1:16:43 PM

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Question   Awesome Photos!
I went through your website and wanted to tell you how much you've inspird me! Your work is amazing!! You have taken simple things and made them so beautiful. I've bookmarked your page so I could come back more frequently!

Thanks for the inspiration!

- Anna Diederich 9/3/2006 7:43:28 PM

  Answer Hi Anna,

Thank you so much for your really inspiring comments! How kind of you! I really admire your work, too, so your wonderful comments mean that much more to me.

Thank you, Anna, for taking the time to look at my website and comment so graciously! It really made my day!

- Terry E.  9/6/2006 6:03:30 AM

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Question   Review
Terry, your photos show consistent quality and attention to detail. I enjoyed browsing throught again and congratulations on your recent awards and forthcoming trip to China.

- Dean Whitehead 3/1/2006 8:52:25 PM

  Answer Dean, you are so wonderful to write again! I sincerely appreciate your kind and supportive words. Yes, China! Loved your photos of your's and Barbara's trip. I will bring back plenty of photos for you to see, too. Take care, Terry

- Terry E.  3/24/2006 11:36:29 AM

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Question   Photo Quality and Variety
Just really took a good look at your site ...has been awhile. Sorry! The quality and variety of your photos are excellent! You have an array of photos to suit many individual likes and preferences. Your images are well composed and shot. You are definitely on the right track, and I wish you the very best success in the upcoming year. I have a feeling it will be your year to shine as never before!

- Kathleen K. Parker 12/17/2005 11:50:52 AM

  Answer Well, am I late replying to this wonderful comment, KK?! Thank you for everything. You work is truly inspiring to me and your support has been magnificent!

Thank you very much, Kathleen.

- Terry E.  3/24/2006 11:38:43 AM

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Question   Web Site & Photos
You are getting better and better. There are certainly some prize winners here. Your new camera should enable you to continue to climb mountains.

Congrats, Dean

- Dean Whitehead 11/22/2005 7:42:38 PM

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