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Microphone Body

Cascade Fat Head Ribbon Microphone Brown Body with Gold Grill


Cascade Fat Head II Ribbon Microphone NOS Gray Body/Gold Grill


Shure SLX1 Wireless Body Pack Transmitter W/Shure 185 Microphone 470.494mhz


Cascade Fat Head II Ribbon Microphone NOS Brown Body/Gold Grill


Cascade Fat Head Ribbon Microphone Brown Body with Silver Grill


OSP HS-06-AK Earset Microphone Mic For AKG Body Pack Wireless Systems - Sale


AKG PT45 Wireless Body-Pack Transmitter Perception RF Band U2 614.100-629.300MHz


Shure QLXD1 G50 Wireless Body Pack Transmitter With Shure Mic 470-534mhz


Shure SLX1 body pack Condenser Wireless Microphone L4 638 -662 MHz Bag


Audio-Technica XLRW Microphone Input Cable for UniPak Body-Pack Transmitters


Shure SC1-CE CS CD Body Mic Microphone Pack Transmitter


Sony DWZ-B70HL Digital Wireless Headset & Lapel Microphone Body Pack Package


BM-800 Studio Broadcasting Condenser Microphone + Shock Mount +Arm Stand Body US


Zaxcom Zfr-100 Single MIC Body Pack Recorder With Sanken Cos-11 Laviolier Mic


BM-800 Studio Broadcasting Condenser Microphone+ Shock Mount +Arm Stand Body Kit


Audix UHF RAD 360 Body Pack Transmitter (638-662 MHz) with Shure WL 50 Lapel Mic


skm 35 sennheiser transmitter body - for use with xs and xsw


Shure ULX1-M1 Wireless Body Pack Transmitter (M1) 662 - 698 MHz


Head Headset headworn Microphone For Shure Wireless body-pack (TA4F mini 4pin)


STARAUDIO SMU-0202B UHF 2 Channel Wireless Dual Lapel Headset body pack mic. new


4 Wireless Mics Samson Broadcast Pro Series 1-Handheld Mic 3- Body packs


Pyle PDWM3400 Premier Series Professional UHF Microphone System with 2 Body-Pac


OSP HS-06-AT Earset Mic For Audio Technica Body Pack Wireless Systems


Wireless Microphone Cartridge Head Handheld For Shure SM58/SLX2/SLX4/SLX24/PGX2


Two Shure SC1-CL Body microphone Pack Transmitters


Shure U1-UA Wireless Body Pack Transmitter w/ WL-184 Mic. Ships free!!


MXL Tempo USB Vocal Microphone with White Body and Red Grill


Cascade Fat Head II Ribbon Microphone Brown Body/Silver Grill w/Lundahl LL2913


Countryman Style Ear Worn Headset Microphone for Wireless Body Pack Transmitters


Wireless Mic System, 4 Body-Pack Transmitters, 4 Headset & 4 Lavalier Mics


Shure SLX1 Condenser Wireless Microphone Body Pack ( No Mic ) Shure G5 Freq.


Cascade Microphones FAT HEAD BE Stereo Pair Ribbon Microphone, Grey Body/Anod...


Shure LX4-CK Wireless Mic Microphone Receiver (190.600 MHz) with Body Mic


Pyle-Pro Body Pack Transmitter w/clip-on Lavalier Microphone New


Shure SC1-CR Body Mic Microphone Pack Transmitter


Sony WRT-8B (Ch. 62-65) Body-Pack Wireless Lav Mic Transmitter - EXCELLENT COND.


sennhiser EM3032 With 2 SKM5200 Handheld Mic  and 2  SK5012 wireless body pack 


Cascade Fat Head II Active/Passive Ribbon Mic. Black Body/Nickel Grill (Lundahl)


Original Neumann U47 Long Body Mic Box.


Shure QLXD2-J50 Wireless Mic + QLXD1-J50 572-636 MHz Body Pack Microphone Bundle


Blue Microphone Bottle Rocket Stage One (body only)


Shure ULXD1 H50 534-598MHz Wireless Body Pack Transmitter w/ Microphone


CAD UHF Wireless Body-Pack Microphone System w/ Earworn, E29 Lav


3 Tan Earset Microphone Mic For Shure Wireless Body Pack System SALE!


5 Earset Microphone Mic For Shure PG, PGX, SLX, ULX Wireless System/Body Pack